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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Letter to Whitley Strieber (Alien Abduction researcher and writer)

Hi Whitley , sorry for my bad English, am from Belgium. I just wanted to let you know that i followed a bit your alien investigation and run trough a communion book. And i think you should know about something that started SUDDENLY to rise in numbers in 2000, and that is without any doubt the same experience, indeed technology, i am not sure if this is just AI and human experimentation but i guess it could be, mainly because this experience is camouflaged as more than one thing, it is hiding, to stay secret ...i am busy putting together the patterns, and i do find it scary to be honest. Here a few articles, ill keep you informed.
Much nice Greetins Monika

Sharing Their Demons on the Web By SARAH KERSHAW November 13, 2008 new york times
The mind-control sites remind some experts of the accounts of those claiming to have been abducted by aliens in the 1970s and '80s. One person's story begat another until many insisted they had had virtually identical experiences of being taken onto space ships by silvery sloe-eyed creatures. Some of those now posting on mind-control sites say they are being remotely "sexually stimulated" by their torturers. Some alien abductees had said similar things. Subsequent research generally showed that those who believed they had been abducted were not psychotic, but suffering from severe memory and sleep problems, or personal traumas, Dr. Bell said.

THE ARTICLE Washington Post : "Mind Games" 15 01 2007
"In her book, Abducted, Harvard psychologist Susan Clancy examines a group that has striking parallels to the TIs: people who believe they've been kidnapped by aliens. The similarities are often uncanny: Would-be abductees describe strange pains, and feelings of being watched or targeted. And although the alleged abductees don't generally have auditory hallucinations, they do sometimes believe that their thoughts are controlled by aliens, or that they've been implanted with advanced technology ] stimulation to their sexual organs (as the TIs describe) or feelings of paranoia..(On the online forum, some TIs posted vociferous objections to the parallel, concerned that the public finds UFOs even weirder than mind control. "It will keep us all marginalized and discredited," one griped.)

Whitley Answered ;
I had the visitors in my life for eleven years. They are quite real. Unfortunately, useful, focused and clear contact is very difficult because they are so extraordinarily energetic, knowledgeable and different from us. The material you describe reflects this problem most eloquently.
My second part of the story
Hi Whitley, i always am running behind on answering my posts, but here i am, yes sure they are indeed very real....but i do have one huge question, "what" are they ?
To me the closest to some conclusions was Karla Turner, each time I visit her site, I feel a huge need to cry. I do know there is people who take it more positive somehow, I took a lot of courage from mrs Pamela Stonebrooke, who made a cd about her abductions, and openly came with her story of her affair with a reptilian. She made me believe there is still life possible after what I went trough. Still it raised many questions, especially ethical ones.
I realize I CANNOT BE SURE of what it is , but I guess it is technology. And I guess that it will have huge consequences for humanity and also I have a problem with the fact that its violating human rights , and that its in fact non consensual human experimentation.
A few things I DO know for sure, and those are that "it" (just will call it that way) , tempers with memories and on such way that it inserts often false memories, of which people believe they are "recovered" from childhood for instance. The subjects are not only aliens, but as well satanic ritual abuse, or trauma based mind control like in USA mkultra or just sexual abuse in childhood by parents or whomever. In other words , the subjects vary , but the means are the same, tampering memories , using the brain as a hard drive , and just do copy paste with the most weird possible movies so that it all sounds nuts, keeping secrecy seems the main thing.
Tracking back these artificial memories we come in the late 70 ties and early 80 ties , before there was not such thing as recovered memories …..
What I do know as well for sure, that it is the same experience as the targeted individuals rapport, and they are often misguided by seeing people following them as if they are "organized" to do so. In reality, they are REMOTELY CONTROLLLED BUT NOT JUST INDIVIDUALLY BUT ALL AT ONCE, and that is precisely what the targeted individuals' rapport of organized stalking or street theatre, and the purpose is that they accuse neighbours police or secret agencies to be involved …..
The attention goes away from the real agenda again.. Another most incredible thing is that the mind control targets think they will sound silly being associated with aliens, many abductees exclude any possibility that this is no aliens but just artificial intelligence, people who recover memories of satanic abuse or sexual abuse in childhood, are convinced those memories are real or are screen memories to cover up their mind control programming in childhood ….and of course insist fanatically on the existence of ritual abuse and large cult groups that are organized , just as the tis think half of the world is organized and even paid to stalk them.
And many of these different groups don't see at all that they al go trough the same brainwashing ongoing now and remote ….its INCREDIBLY WELL DONE
Aside of this there is still people calling it voodoo , or god or demonic possession or entities ect …and consider all the symptoms like sleep deprivation trauma and isolation with eating attacks and channelling and nightmares or fear, as some "spiritual enlighten for the new age and preparing for 2012" Be Honest , what serious person would make sense of this ? ……..Nobody , its DECEPTION AT A EXTREEM INTELLIGENT LEVEL AND ITS NOT HUMAN INDEED BECAUSE FOR THAT ITS TOO FAST AND TOO DECEPTIVE AND TOO SMART , I believe indeed it is computer steered nanotechnology and super intelligence in same way , developed during cold war and therefore so well done and so well prepared , but what is the future ?
Some one I found to have made the connections a bit recently on her site is this lady Carissa Conti
am still checking out all she writes , but she sees the similarities between the aliens the satanic abuse and the targeted individuals who claim gang stalking she describes pretty well too.
The gang stalking is in fact nothing else than a specific part of synchronicities that this system or whatever it is , is causing , also that is described on the same site as connected with this experience. I need to check more still on the site and read more in the book which is free as pdf online to download.
Myself I was confronted with this consciously the first time in 2005. And I realized slowly it has been going on in my life much before I was aware of it. I felt most of all "betrayed" , and am just starting a bit to get over it now. My hope is to gather people from the different fields of this and make them put the pieces together to make the entire puzzle, and while I am still alive that this will become mainstream public knowledge, there is for me not so much more to hope I find, except getting back on my legs again.
What do think in case it is aliens why they started to come more and more frequently since the 80 ties, and especially , why is there such a SUDDEN rise of new individuals contorted with this and openly realizing not as before that its cults or aliens, but that it is remotely manipulated with technology, and the surveys I did, as well the ones from China and USA show that this is increasing fast , even since 2000 the number of new targets a year keep growing, most people I know became aware around 2005 and it is each year more and more.
I do find it scary to be honest. Don't you .?
Very kind greetings meanwhile and keep in touch, Monika


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