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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dear Randy, i was a while in the UK so you did not hear from me

from (van)Randy Noblitt <>

aanMonika Stoces <>

datum12 augustus 2008 16:32

Sorry I have to be polite because I do not have all the answers and there needs to be a respectful dialog about this. I have worked with about 300 of these survivors. Toward the end of therapy they generally conclude that they are not controlled by radio waves. They conclude that their abusers wanted them to believe that so they would be in a fearful dissociated state and continually vulnerable to further abuse and control. These survivors generally conclude that the belief that they were being controlled by radio waves is a false belief, but it was instilled by their perpetrators. When therapy ends these patiens are no longer having the problems that they thought were elicited by radi waves.



Monika Stoces <>

aanRandy Noblitt 

datum20 augustus 2008 04:57

subject (onderwerp)Re: A serious scientific investigation, Do you know someting about the problem of "alien abductions?"
Dear Randy, i was a while in the UK so you did not hear from me

Of course a respectful dialog is very welcome on this with you. I hope you don't mind several victims have contacted you after I send them my writing and a part of your reaction to it. I do this sometimes to get reactions from them about what I write and to keep them informed about results of our activism. I find it from Harlan a bit pity to start discussing about the aliens while his main concern finally  is like mine to expose this technology is in use, but that is what often happens this kind of discussions, victims draw different conclusions about the scale and what it causes , mostly comparing with their experience and believes about this . Harlan is convinced that the "air force is involved" something I cannot know to be true, only to be "possible" . Many Ti"s find the aliens abduction link also discrediting and sounding even more weird than remote mind control and oppose it because of that ect ect  

You write in your mail : Toward the end of therapy victims generally conclude that they are not controlled by radio waves and were having false belief about this .

That can be true while still they were controlled a certain moment anyway. What I wonder is if  the time they think to be remotely controlled , is about 2 or 3 years, because that is close to the usual pattern of victims being under strong experiment all the time. Finally it impossible to feel that the technology is influencing the victim when it is used ,  unless it is causing extreme sensations that cannot be natural or makes things happen more often than possible by coincidence it becomes clear that something is causing it.  What I wonder too is if the abusers of the victims you mention are clearly identified by the victims  or are a part of the victims memories from years ago , because in case the memories never really took place for instance, the question stays from were  those memories came. and why they thought at the same moment to be controlled by radio waves at all. Can you explain me more in general terms about the evolution in time that this usually is happening? Or better formulated as a question: How comes the victims you know come to see you on that one specific moment they come for help? Do they recover at that moment memories of the abuse in childhood? Or do they come right after the abuse had taken place, being able to identify who abused them clearly?

I ask this because I think its perfectly possible, that their memories were created entirely by remote technology or call it "radio waves", and that they were made to believe that what they experienced as radio wave control was a false belief after all , caused by the confusion of traumatising memories being recovered .  Is this a possible explanation for you ? I don't have any experience with ritual abuse victims, but It fits into the picture i see of recovered memories in general and remote mind control as an experience.


I can tell you my own experience a bit and some specific details caused by the technology I believe has attacked me. Maybe you will recognize some things in it, and I hope to explain  better why I believe what I believe to be going on by telling what happened to me a little.

In 2005 my computer was not doing what I expected from it, with a book of windows XP on my knees I was installing it , and always it showed different things than I expected. I reinstalled it , again and again, put new antivirus software and studied the error messages appearing time after time again. This went on for a few months and made me go and look on other pc's if specific things were the same as what I saw on my computer and was not expected according to my book and the fact I had a stand alone pc. At the same moment similar things were happening to friends of mine, I tried to convince a friend who knew about computers I thought more than me, and he was telling me only that what I was telling was not possible normally , until I brought my computer to his place to make him see. I was sending screenshots of the screen to him as well and while doing that my email disappeared. Before that I was printing them and the printer blocked each time again….i simply wanted to know what was happening with my pc, I took pictures after my printer blocked and wanted to send them over mail from an internet café , their I discovered the maps with pictures were empty ! When I was sending a mail from there , the connection fell out in the whole café…;So all this made me totally not understand what was going on . After my mail disappeared I wrote on my computer "who is doing this to me? Please give me back my mail , why someone steals my mail?" (Shortly because it was much more than that what I wrote, and much more things after each other that happened with my pc as well.

Suddenly there was a message written on my pc in Dutch clearly to me personally: "I am glad I can finally tell you: this is a test!" Of course I got upset reading such personal message and more messages appeared later on in the sense : " those things are invisible and can have huge political implications " or " we know it is no fun to be subject of such a joke but the problem is we cannot do this joke while the subject is aware of it " ect ect and I understood from those messages it was some kind of experiment even if I only understood half what was happening.

After this I started to get overwhelmed with bizarre emotions headache, tooth pain, nausea, and weird dreams, huge and extreme fear I felt suddenly on specific moments and extremely totally abnormal sexual arousal, sudden feelings of "love" and all this was happening to me in several days and weeks going from one thing to another , I did not believe still that something could access my brain but the moment  I received 3 smell so strong that they could not be natural and one after another I realized that there was no other explanation to what I experienced. Also I felt extreme pain in my back , my neck and it was switched on and in interaction with things happening around me, some not having any connection at the first glance, some clearly being connected. An example is that the  pain in my back really suddenly stopped while I opened the door to the pharmacy to get a pain killer ….The biggest shock of all was slowly realizing that this was going on before in my life  only without that I was aware of  it …… history and person fell into pieces and I could not tell nobody without being considered crazy ….Of course this experience is extremely traumatizing….

The television was answering my questions I typed in on my computer…. And the subtitles were telling certain moment what I just been doing in my sleeping room with my boyfriend, and I was only feeling totally "surprised" by all this Hardly believed what was going on. Can you believe all this?

Some others I know from before experienced very similar things and around the same period that started: 2005.  After about a year I started a little to recover from the worst shock, was a full year not able to do anything that made sense, totally upside down realizing that really nobody believed me and that my mother thought I had some kind of psychosis going on.

This is a horrible feeling realizing nobody will believe what you tell, so I started to look for others and I found many people and around the same period the Washington post article mind games appeared, (jan 2007) Slowly I started to make an overview of victims and from the listings I learned the pattern that this problem suddenly exploded in numbers in 2000 worldwide and that all victims stories were pretty similar, only some were drawing weird conclusions about the CIA doing it or their neighbours being involved . Meanwhile I understand that is done by purpose that way so that the victims tell all a bit different things, some believed they were implanted ect ect … I looked further and found alien abductions to have to same pattern only starting earlier around 1980. I experienced myself also virtual reality, and tampering totally perfectly with my memory, what I only could conclude from facts but what is impossible to feel.

After the alien abductions I started to read about recovering memories and while I was writing that people recover memories of impossible things  , I started to go back in my own memories suddenly , as if I really was in the past again but feeling strong emotions with what I remembered as if I would experience as an adult and anger towards my mother came up so strong about some things happened to me (like leaving my bird outside so that it was eaten by a cat and I lost it when I was six  ) This did happen in real but this technology made me believe she has done that by purpose….it was so real that I did not doubt she really has done that by purpose,  and was so angry about all sadness I felt as a child , the anger lasted a few weeks , going up and down and I wrote totally angry mails to my mother around that time about how lonely I felt home when small and about how she never took me seriously and more like that . That is why I know how the technology can feel while recovering memories, no matter if they are real or not, It feels real and the emotions make it extremely convincing.


My neighbour experienced the same things as well in 2005, and he was thinking god and the devil were talking to him , but he is  extremely religious and the sexual arousal he felt too, he explained as "god who came to learn the people on earth to love each other" … I did not find this sounding logical but he we agreed on the fact that what was happing to both of us was the same….;that was very clear because the details matched and several other people I know from before were experiencing the same , included the computer simulations and comments on tv …I know very well that it sounds "crazy" and that explains why many don't talk about it and hope it will pass usually feeling traumatized and exhausted by the experience and in big trouble or extreme isolation for about 2 years to get better slowly after 3 years slowly start to recover. Still for many it keeps going on only much less extreme than in the beginning.  Many suffer from sleep deprivation and one TI's in London has horrifying out of body experiences that she describes as "abusive" and "painful" making her longing that this would stop .She is a totally rational and fine person for the rest, I saw her several times before and know her now for two years. Would like to be able to help her out somehow but have no idea how ….nobody who did not experience this does believe that the experiences are caused by an outside source like "technology" or being a part of "human experimentation" …

The most sense full victims realize it is worldwide and such large scale that it probably is Artificial intelligence of some sort, computer steered technology and extremely sophisticated.


Please Randy , can I have your reaction on this ?. Maybe it is good I would give you a call one of these days, than you can ask me whatever you want to ask …it is extremely hard to write all this down and especially in English. But I am very thankful you at least wonder what I want to say and do ask me questions about it because you want to understand what I want to tell you .

Very nice greetings meanwhile and hope to hear more from you , Monika




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