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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fwd: THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT In case i could reach Steven Greer

Hi , Greetings from Belgium, am not sure yet about what login precisely i need , did not yet check the site,, but a mail to say hello, and say i am very much interested in communication on the connection between, remote manipulation technology and alien abductions. I did hear that Dr Steven Greer considers it the same, and that is my idea about it as well, would very much like to share the information i do have at the moment from over personal testemonies from "Targeted Individuals" around the world, several surveys, and statistical results that show a sharp rise in incidence since precisely the year of 2000 of this phenomenon.
I am indeed convinced it explains the abduction experience and that it is at this moment a silent epidemic ...
In case i could reach Steven Greer some were over the phone, that would be great, the number on the site seems not in use any more .
Thanks for any info on this subject and hope it can be of any interest of research
(sorry my English is not perfect , am from Belgium )

Monika Stoces
Oudemansstraat 22
2000 Antwerpen
00 32 (0)3 288 83 20

2008/11/6 <>

Thank you very much for your order!

To obtain your login information for the Briefing Documents Special
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Order date: 11/5/2008

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