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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

a very serious issue that many people dismiss without seriously considering it".

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From: Randy Noblitt <>
Date: 2008/7/25
Subject: RE: A serious scientific and congressional investigation, could you be of any help in his matter please ?
To: Monika Stoces <>

Hi Monika,
Thanks for your note. This is a very serious issue that many people dismiss without seriously considering it. My hope is that more people will feel able to tell their stories and that the public will be informed about it.

I am telling what I know by speaking on the topic and writing books. I am also teaching graduate students in psychology so that they will be informed and hopefully will be able to assist people who have these stories and who seek help through the mental health system. I don't think that the mental health system is very helpful now for many of these survivors.

Best Wishes,

From: Monika Stoces []
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 12:32 AM
To: Randy Noblitt
Cc: Mailteam
Subject: A serious scientific and congressional investigation, could you be of any help in his matter please ?

Dear Dr. James Randall Noblitt

First of all thank you for you interest in the writings you received from our Mail Team mailing personal case summaries to ask help in this rather confusing  topic of mind control  , directed energy weapons often including the organized stalking issue reported by many going together with it.
The rapports are coming from around the world,so the problem is not limited to the united states, but  is since few years  slowly increasing from 1996 and exploding in numbers in 2000 , and this all around the world. This pattern can only be explained by something not bound to any borders, that remotely has possibilities to control behaviour, perception, induce pain, emotion and even to access memory .
I saw you have been involved in the topic of "recovered memories" of "ritual abuse", and I do believe there is even a connection between the complains of the TI' s and the "The recovered memory debate the , biggest internal controversy in the history of modern psychiatry from its very beginning in the late 1980s.
The technology seems to be able to influence not only people who are aware of being influenced, but as well people who will not even realize their will or emotions are possibly manipulated, what could explain the silent and unnoticed development of this kind of technology over many decades until the current state of art.
 It's  nearly impossible to  list all that connects all the Targeted individuals cases , maybe in the first place the fact that the stories differ in such way that the similarities are  over flown by the different explanations and conclusions of the victims and the crossovers with individual issues and situations being connected with the essential point of the technological abuse, in stories about organized stalking for instance , making some stories sound weird enough to undermine the victims credibility and sound unbelievable in order to cover the essential  non consensual human experimentation, mind control and  the physical symptoms caused by the electronic harassment , being all very much the same , included the manipulation of personal and public electronic devices .
You say you feel this is something that needs serious scientific and congressional investigation., something that I do agree with very much, and all  as well also without any doubt .

Please do you have any concrete suggestions for us how to reach that goal , or could you be of any help in his matter?
Many people would be deeply thankful if somebody would help them in reaching this purpose somehow. .

Not knowing English so well, "struggling" with each letter :), so  I will paste for you my "standard letter" below,  that describes the situation in general , with the very kind demand, to think about a possible way to get this matter into the attention , so an investigation would be possible

Meanwhile many greetings
hoping to hear from you with  any kind of suggestion to help.

Monika Stoces

Oudemanstraat 22
2000 Anwerpen
00 32 (0)3 288 83 20

A large number of "Targeted Individuals" all over the world are trying to create awareness for the Human Rights Violations with Electromagnetic Weapons and advanced  technology  used for Continuing testing of it on defenceless civilian population,
The medical trials at Nuremberg in 1947 deeply impressed upon the world that experimentation with unknowing human subjects is morally and legally unacceptable, meanwhile the means to do so, like Nano- and microelectronic systems evolved enormously and the development of it over years was strictly classified so totally escaped public attention and general knowledge, included the scientific mainstream community..
The recently released book, Controlling the Human Mind: by Dr. Nick Begich , gives a telling report on electronic and frequency warfare.
What it reveals is shocking enough, but what is most shocking is what it doesn't reveal. Dr. Begich's book is largely a compilation of excerpts and analyses of two-and- three-decades old military and government documents, patents and similarly aged research reports. This is the unclassified stuff. Much of the current state of government's mind control apparatus is classified and is likely to remain so until well after it has achieved antiquity."
So this problem is extremely important and urgent , because  the   general public is not informed about the possibilities of secret remote and highly develop technologies of this kind, what explains complains of the victims used as "human guinea pigs" are being mostly ignored by mainstream media and even human rights organisations.
Meanwhile this situation  has an unbelievable impact on their personal lives, over a period of years for some targets, without any kind of "official help", and hardly any recognition of the reality of what they rapport , it is absolutely  not  an "individual " problem as it may seem at the first glance to an uninformed observer.

When the European Parliament STOA report on the Echelon Global Spy System revealed the extent to which all communications are read by Yorkshire's Menwith Hill station, which taps two million calls an hour, it was as well hardly believed or understood by many "reality. Echelon was a matter privacy invasion with no further consequences.
What we are trying to expose, is  the  non-consensual development -testing  of extremely sophisticated technology of a similar unimaginable kind,  having  the potential for privacy invasion on the most intimate levels, accessing not only  all electronic devices most of the time , but also  able to interface directly with the nervous systems of biological organisms, controlling movement and behaviour, and other vital functions with a  precision that suggests extreme efficient  computer steered and highly intelligent  technology of remote manipulation.
Privacy, security and dignity principles implicating nanotechnology are already embodied in international documents like the European Charter of Fundamental Rights , Nonetheless, most governing bodies seem to be at a stage where they are still researching the likely effects of nanotechnology on society. What remains is for these principles to be enforced.
Of course that is only possible in case the use, possibilities and effects of this kind of technology will be general public knowledge,  so the the victims being targets of can be "recognized" as such, being "believed" in fact.
This phenomenon of individual complains, existed in the 90ties already but exploded in numbers enormously from the year 2000 off, on every continent of the planet, and all over Europe in each country on a similar way, not explained by "imagination" or "delusion" of any know kind ,
Testimonies matching around the word in detail, included the manipulation of electronics, mail interception, cars, cell phones  ect ect
Slowly Targets  finding each other, realising their number is growing fast each year , and trying to coordinate the different private efforts of the most motivated  victims, who realize the scale and importance of those human rights violations going on.

Many individuals  confronted with this abuse don't expose themselves for some private reason of all kind, others keep in touch with each other for support and networking all over the world,  cooperating for one and the same purpose to all:: exposing this non-consensual testing  in order to stop the secret abuse of average citizens as subjects of all this..
 The effects of those weapons vary from very subtle over extremely strong to lethal, not limited by any state borders, being extreme dangerous "weapons of behaviour control  "tested" over a longer period monitoring reactions while influencing emotions and behaviour in order to prevent or slow down at least, efficient exposure. The targets are from different countries depending on different judicial systems , having different backgrounds, personal situations and having different ways to approach the situation,  speaking different languages, All this  makes organizing in order to expose the problem,  very hard without any official support or investigation of the problem as a whole .
The duration of this abuse over years, and many of its effects and the trauma it usually causes is perceived by most individuals as mental and Physical "torture" and a huge violation of their individual human rights,
Targeted Individuals hope to achieve the formation of an official commission or team of scientist that could systematically investigate the the problem to see they all are clearly describing all detailed the same things  , even if their conclusions differ about WHO  is doing it , or precisely HOW (with what kind of technology)  it is done.   Those things they only "suppose"  from the position of being victims and average citizens  "surprised" by some totally  unexpected attack on their lives.

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