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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

When survivors see that other triggers are actually responsible they will often put together the pieces and develop this insight and move on to healthier functioning.

Hi Monika,


Thanks for your note. As a therapist my goal is not to change or influence a person's thoughts but to create an environment where they feel safe to explore their own thoughts and feelings. These survivors do not all reach the same conclusions; but when we are successful in therapy they are able to function, e.g., to get employment, have a commited relationship (if they want one) and have reasonably healthy friends who do not abuse or exploit them. Most of these patients come to different conclusions about their (earlier) belief that they were once controlled by electronic radiation. Most of them do conclude that they were abused, but that the abuse was actual child abuse perpetrated in a ritual abuse or mind-control scenario. Those who have these recollections generally remember that electronic equipment was used in their abuse and that what they were experiencing in the "virtual abuse" acutually happened and was reexperienced as flashback material from the earlier abuse in rituals and mind control scenarios. This realization (over time) causes them to stop responding to their real (or imagined) "virtual abuse" and they no longer feel controlled by others or unable to live a healthy productive life. The voices and "inserted" sounds and visions stop or significantly reduce.


So my interpretation, based on my work with my patients, is different than what you are describing. Nevertheless I respect what you are saying. I would not assume that my interpretation is true for all people or all situations. With many of these survivors I can trigger the reactions that they believe are controlled by electronic technology (once I learn enough about their individual story). When survivors see that other triggers are actually responsible they will often put together the pieces and develop this insight and move on to healthier functioning.

Best Wishes,




From: Monika Stoces []

Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 12:14 PM

To: Randy Noblitt


Dear Randy,

Please forgive me It took me so long to answer your last mail, , i am thankful for our mail  exchange of  thoughts on the subject of mind control very much.

I had people in the house and many things happened that kept me from writing you while i was planning it thinking how to explain you more precisely what I mean and meanwhile collecting more information on all of this.  In your last mail you mention your help to patients and their recovering from trauma and getting (very well of course) less abusive friends. All this seems totally correct and logical to try to achieve with them of  in the individual case.


A totally different approach of all this, is from a global perspective and there is something very bizarre appearing once looked at it that way.

I launched last month a survey for Targeted individuals that complain about remote manipulation technology used on them, and of that survey I do have meanwhile the first results, only from 99 respondents now, but it gives an idea The results are same as results from a Chinese survey on the same subject a few months ago in China.  I will send the complete pdf results attached in mail but will look at some things more closely and compare them with other things. 

I discovered and find it very interesting, the "Extreme Abuse Survey" 2007 results and the reaction W Karriker on it:  Trauma based mind control is a global phenomenon.

title of my presentation indicates that torture-based mind control is a global phenomenon. Some of my colleagues have heard reports from their clients about mind control programming in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, Israel, Russia, Tibet, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Italy, China, Belgium, and Japan (personal communications, December 6, 2006). W Karriker.Phd (2008, September


This survey results I compared it with  the multiple  testimonies online  based on recovered memories of CIA brainwash experiments from the 60ties  in Washington March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C., before the President's Committee on Radiation, There is a very good reason to say that both the survey 2007 as the testimonies from 1995 have many things in common. 

But also I think this is really very closely related to what we as a group rapport as remote manipulation experiments or mind control and included the so called "organized stalking complains" that often are connected to this, by the victims. There is so many similarities that the question indeed if it is not just one and the same thing, is surely worth wondering about.

The results of the survey among the group i am dealing with who rapport to experience remote manipulation technology are not only similar with the extreme abuse survey results.  But there is many reasons to compare the remote abuse we rapport with the recovered memories of past abuse no matter it is the 1995 testimonies, the EAS of 2007 or your description of people you are working with are telling to you. And finally the comparison with the alien abductions stays very interesting and important as well. (no costumes J ) , but ill come back on that later.


Please look at the precise formulation in the 95 testimony of CIA brainwash experiments

Very precisely the sentence "Mary maintains her tormentors applied strong doses of electricity to her right hand to prevent her from writing about the horrific experiences"

This sentence raises an obvious question: How can her tormenter be tormenting her at the moment she writes her experience she can  remembers only after recovering the memories of it, while the abuse she is testifies about on the hearings has taken place in childhood and the abuser she identifies is already dear for many year?  It looks as if this description is about a currently ongoing torment. 

The most logical explanation to explain this  is that her torment is a remote one……

And this is what I did believe to be that way since I am confronted with the remote technology targets, of course I should present convincing arguments for that statement.

Not just this one detail points to a remote psychic technology, being the real and hidden  cause of all this,  But in the first place that introducing the remote technology would lead to a surprising picture in which all of those experiences would coexist as one single and perfectly coherent reality.  I will try to look at the evolution and symptoms of of the different things and compare them as I think they fit (will continue below the piece about Valerie and her client Mary)



None of this prepared people for the explosive testimony made on March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C., before the President's Committee on Radiation, however. In unpublicized sessions, New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two of her patients who had uncovered memories of being part of extensive CIA brainwashing programs as young children (in one case, starting at age seven). Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats. According to their testimony, the CIA then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling these terrifying sessions Both Wolf and her patients stated that they recovered the memories of this CIA program without regression or hypnosis techniques. In other words, these patients spontaneously discovered this information about themselves and their pasts.

Although the committee was mainly concerned with radiation, they permitted Valerie and her patients to testify because, astonishingly, several doctors who had administered the mind-control experiments had also been identified by other Americans secretly exposed to radiation Apparently there was a crossover.

"She remembers leafing through the volume in her kitchen later that day and seeing a photo of Ewen Cameron. A wave of fear and nausea washed over her. She became hysterical. "I felt I was going to die." The picture, she says, triggered a flood of memories and she now believes that Cameron - the visiting man from Montreal, as she calls him - was among her tormentors" "Mary maintains her tormentors applied strong doses of electricity to her right hand to prevent her from writing about the horrific experiences  She says it was both physically and mentally painful, as the memories returned," Valerie "What was startlingly was that therapists reported many of these clients were also physically ill with auto-immune problems, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and other muscle and connective tissue diseases as well as mysterious ailments for which a diagnosis cannot be found. While somatization disorder is commonly found in these clients,( many of the clients who have been involved in the human experimentation with the government have multiple medically-documented physical ailments, and I was really shocked today to hear one of the speakers talk about the cysts and the teeth breaking off, because I have a client that that's happening to.



About the evolution in time:The remotely targeted individuals complains show  a sharp rise in incidence in 2000, This pattern is the same on every single continent of the planet and can be easily checked by comparing different samples of a representative number of victims and look at the evolution of the incidence over the different years of each group.  This evolution persists and consequently leads to a steady increase and accumulation world wide total numbers of victims conscious of this happening to them

Very similar is the evolution of the people recovering memories of mind control experiments in childhood. In 95 (as far as I know) the subject was relatively new as a subject of recovered memories and only uniquely connected to the USA

Earlier rapports of recovered memories were mainly connected with subjects like sexual abuse, satanic rituals and alien abductions.

The extreme abuse survey from 2007 shows meanwhile that remembering to be a victim of mind control is to be a global one reported by many respondents of the EAS.  The fact that it is global may rise the question how it is possible that I all countries of the world would be the same kind of experiments in children and the combination with diseases of all kind is similar one more reason to suspect the problem to be similar and the global character of it to be explained by remote satellite like and computer guided technology. When compared to the alien abductions the pattern is the same, also in the abductees Fibromyalgia and auto immunity diseases reported more often than average. Once more a reason to take the alien abductions pretty seriously no matter if there is no aliens. 

Clearly the evolution of both the remotely targeted individuals as the people recovering memories of extreme child abuse in general and trauma based mind control specifically, is very similar and increasing worldwide.


Comparing the symptoms we see related to the 1995 testimonies about CIA brainwash experiments in Washington that Therapist Valerie , who died shortly after the hearings from cancer, mentions "auto-immune problems, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and other muscle and connective tissue diseases as well as mysterious ailments for which a diagnosis cannot be found included cysts and the teeth breaking off. This repeats in many people who recover memories of the same control experiments in childhood it seems.

The testimony of client Mary mentions a wave of fear and nausea, electricity to her right that prevents her from writing, physical pain the moment a flood of memories is coming up.


12 years later  Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control experimentation was conducted on children during the Cold War. Data from two international of survivors of these crimes against humanity SURVEYS - Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult Survivors January 1 - March 30, 2007 with 1471 respondents from 31 named countries. P-EAS: Professional - Extreme Abuse April 1 - June 30 2007 with 451 respondents from 20 named countries. Wanda Karriker, PhD A part of the reported symptoms

Microwave abuse12% 04%

Non-lethal weapons abuse 56% 24%

Electronic harassment 50% 12%

Sleep deprivation 79% 36%

Auto-immune disorders 48%

Sleep problems 93% 75%

Migraine headaches 66% 38%

Fibromyalgia 31% 18%

Posttraumatic stress disorder 93% 70%

Unusual fears 90% 67%


The technology reported as microwaves ect suggests more directly remote technology abuse, than the description only of the experience as Mary 95.   The same kind of things is what the people you work with rapport as "radio waves" i suppose.  Unusual fears were described by Mary in 95, again at the same moment she starts "to recover" memories she considers to be childhood memories The upcoming memories seem to go together with the rest of the symptoms. The Auto immune disorders are a physical problems one would not expect normally to be related to child abuse experiences but are mentioned in both 95 testimonies as in the 2007 EAS, Same is for Fibromyalgia and the headaches. The list in both case is partial there is much  more data  in the EAS and about 95 and Mary i mention only what I found on this especially the description of the electricity I wanted to mention. I don't know how precisely the people you work with describe the influence of the radio waves they rapport no idea.

The trauma is same in both 95 en EAS 2007 and coming up at the moment the abuse is remembered, and not as one would expect just after the abuse occurred but this debate is directly related to the false recovered memory controversy that i will leave for another time now. The similarity between the 95 description and the EAS  is clear I find



The symptoms mentioned in complains about being targeted by remote technology, also referred to as directed energy weapons or mind control or as in the EAS  Microwave abuse Non-lethal weapons abuse or Electronic harassment.

All Respondents of the survey claiming to be target of remote technology the reason this is not reported separately, the symptoms they mention are consider to be a consequence of the remote technology and also started at the same moment or a bit before they became aware of the technology.  Nearly all the target suffer from trauma but asked for specifically only the how they would describe the experience is been asked.

This survey can still be approved in a few things but I find the results interesting as it is now already The Survey was launched September 2007 has only 99 respondents but can give a pretty good idea of the symptoms that are reported

The most common ones listed below..( is just a part of the whole list)  

Sleep Deprivation:  91.58%

Induced Sleep:  71.58%

Extreme Fatigue:  76.84%

Blurred Vision:  60%

Sensations of pain in internal organs:  62.11%

Sensations of pain in backbone, arms, legs, muscles:  68.42%

Numbness and tingling, parenthesis, loss of sensation:  66.32%

Muscle Cramps, spasms, tension:  71.58%

Sudden Headaches: 68.42%

Irregular Heartbeat:  63.16%

Fibromyalgia:  16.84%

Autoimmune Disorders (lupus scleroderma,):  10.53%

Change in growing of hair and nails.: 36.84%

Tooth Pain: 58.95%

Diarrhoea:  56.84%

Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body:  58.95%

Induced thoughts, telepathic communication, and messages.  71.58%

Dream Manipulation:  75.79%

Artificial Emotions (induced fear, anger, shame, joy, hate, sadness):  70.53%

Sudden unexpected sexual arousal:  64.21%

Genital Manipulation: 62.11%

Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/):  72.63%

Manipulation of Memory (screen memories, false memories):  43.16%



Artificial emotions as fear are common, sleep deprivation is the main problem, and is very similar with the EAS The same is for the headaches, and the feeling of electrical current in 58 percent reminds Mary's electricity applied to her hand, preventing her from writing. Also Fybromyalgia is reported 16 percent and is more often than average in this age category I think, but should check that out more precisely, same for the auto immunity disturbances.

The average age of the victims is also very similar to the average age of the respondents of the EAS around 40 45


One interesting remark on hearing voices or telepatical messages: it is associated in the first place with DID another pretty new with a sudden and big increaese in numbers in the 80ties that overlaps a lot with all kind of recovered memories experience and is typical for remotely targeted individuals but also for the alien anductees who very often discribe telepatically to communicate with the aliens who abducted them There is also worldwide mayny groups of voichearers comming up and that phenomenon is also pretty recent)

  psychiatric categories of patients that hear voices; schizophrenia > (around 50 percent); affective psychosis (around 25 percent) and > dissociative disorders (AROUND 80 PROCENT ) (Honig et al., 1998).



The most interesting in what I am trying to explain is  the rapports about manipulation of memory and the fact that half of the complaining victims say the technology can insert screen memories or false memories remotely ….

Manipulation of Memory (screen memories, false memories):  43.16% and Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/):  72.63%

In the Belgium survey The Chinese survey where about half of respondents are of Chinese origin, shows a very similar result, forgetting and remembering in one same question together with screen memories  + FROM CHINEES SURVEY MEMORY TAMPERING Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/screen memories) 70.73% survey result from china from over 100 targets


According to the victims  the technology is capable of very precise remote control of the central nervous system to such extend that its perfectly capable to insert false memories of whatever, combined with any emotion or sensation, this is perfectly consistent with the typical rapports of "recovered memories" a relatively new phenomenon that came up in the early 80ties, for witch has not yet been found any specific explanation and that explains why the subject is so controversial in the first place   Control of movement remotely could explain how Mary 95 , was prevented to write down the memories that she seemed to start to remember.   In case the technology is so highly developed it is indeed probable to a be a product of the cold war, precisely what the EAS victims are saying except that their memories according to the survey presents them,  are  considered real, and the child abuse  an explanation of their trauma. It would have been very interesting if the question would have been included about what year it started, because of the fact the memories were considered real and childhood the cause of the problem probably the evolution of the incidence rate over time did not seem a relevant thing to ask.

I do  think that the memories are false and they never really happened, but  the cold war experiments seem a "covered" message for the fact that  the technology which is  able to insert memories remotely, has been developed during cold war secretly on people without they were aware of it, and is made public at this moment on a large scale world wide targeting every  year a large group of people and using deception and confusion to look as different and unrelated things is the main camouflage to go unnoticed as long as possible and will be a huge surprise to the world.


The answers on following question seem to confirm that idea

Once you realized consciously the technological effects,  did you think this was going on BEFORE  you became aware of it and how long was it going on?

Responses Percent 

No:  10.42%

I did not think of it or i don't know at all .:  10.42%

Yes at least one year:  17.71%

Yes at least 5 years:  11.46%

Yes at least 10 years:  7.29%

Yes at least 15 years:  4.17%

Longer than 15 years: 3.12%

Since Childhood:  16.67%

Yes it was going on, but i don't know for sure how long.:  18.75%

Total Responded to this question: 96.97%

Total who skipped this question:  3.03%

Also this seems consistent with the remote explanation and seems to be very hard to know precisely to the target how long it has been going in the past but 80 percent feels as if it has been used before they were aware of it.


The reaction of the victims in survey to the situation, more than one answer was possible are mixed, most say its extreme crimes against humanity, but still  half of the people is glad at least to know it so that it is not secret to them anymore

How you would describe this experience?

Responses Percent

Extreme crimes on humanity.  83.33%

Totally negative for future of human race.  62.5%

This must stop it is criminal.  82.29%

A challenge for Humanity:  38.54%

Possible help for Humanity:  10.42%

Extreme Torture without anything positive.: 63.54%

A shock, traumatizing, scary but sometimes pleasant or interesting. 21.88%

Glad to be aware of what is going on so its not a secret anymore to me.:  50%

Total Responded to this question: 96.97%

Total who skipped this question: 3.03%


The enormous fast development and secrecy of it could impossibly be regulated by any legal or political decision making process, and even if a law is existing like in Russia the effects cannot be identified by the target before he becomes aware of it.

Neither its  recognized by health care or any political or human rights body and precisely that is the problem that we are facing at the moment, the main reason why the situation is so confusing and difficult for most of us is that we are not believed and the reactions to what we say are disbelieve considering our complains as some kind of  mental illness

This disbelieve of the public, the ability of deceiving the victims making them experience anything as being real, and make them believe all kinds of things, may give an idea of how enormously dangerous this technology is, included the fact the abuse of it can go totally unnoticed for decades.

I am in fact glad to be aware of it now, but suddenly to realize at the age of 41 in 2005, that  my past was an experiment, the far fetching  consequences of it on my life, was extremely traumatizing indeed. I really do recognize the whole subject of satanic rituals and alien abductions as on of many faces this experiment has on a large scale.   I hope my mail was not too longwinded or repeating too much the same thing, writing in English is each time such a struggle so hope its readable a bit J

I am planning to look for people interested in forming a workgroup or study group on this subject and would very much appreciate any feedback cooperation, help or advice on this of any kind very much.

Below you can find something more about Karla Turner. She died from cancer in 1996 and is saying a very similar thing on the false memories and the whole experience pointing at a psychic technology.

Her website in memorial collects from nearly all alien abduction investigators some material and is interesting to know about it exists, did you hear of Karla Turner already before?


Very Nice Greetings Monika



Karla Turner A former college instructor who held a doctorate in Old English Studies from the University of North Texas, Turner had authored three books on the abduction phenomenon, *Into the Fringe (1992), *Taken (1994),  *Masquerade of Angels (1994). 

Two traits, characterized alien behaviour above all: deceitfulness and cruelty.  (During encounters, they control our perceptions.  They can implant false memories. From childhood, they manipulate us physically, spiritually, and sexually.   They create virtual reality scenarios that are absolutely real to the abductees. ) 

"Turner cited many cases pointing to a psychic technology that enabled the aliens to make us see whatever they wanted us to see. They could create virtual reality scenarios at will, she was certain. The abductees took home from their abduction experiences as memories whatever the aliens wanted them to remember. Even what was revived under hypnosis might only be a screen memory."




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