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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I have wondered if perpetrators put on "alien"costumes Randy Noblitt

Hi Monika,*

*Thanks for your note. Yes, I agree that there may be a connection between alien abduction stories

and ritual abuse/mind control survivors. I have not  actually seen many people who say they were abducted by aliens in my practice, nor did Carol Rutz, Thorsten Becker, Bettinna Overkamp, & Wanda  Karriker (2008) did not  find many RA/MC survirors who reported abduction  experiences in their study.  I have wondered if perpetrators put on "alien"

costumes and then abused  those people who had such memories.  Best Wishes,* Randy*


Hi Randy i was reading with a smile your message wondering if perpetrators were putting on alien costumes, my answer to this is "no of course no costumes are involved"
The correct explanation of the similarities is no costumes, but "virtual reality" .That is my statement about all this, ill explain further more about this , trying to show you the connections.

Yesterday you were contacted by Harlan Gerard, he mailed me about that too, below you will find a citation about from the "mind games" article in Washington Post that I mentioned already before. Harlan is a respected activist and a victim himself for many years already, I met him last year in Brussels , and we spoke about the evolution in the technology and how it is getting more and more perfect over time ,
In my life this was going on too, but without my knowledge, and that I only realized in 2005 when I became aware of the technology by an overt attack that slowed down a bit by now but I feel extremely "traumatized" . This is what most victims experience.

Its all induced by remote technology, that is capable of tampering with memory too.
That is according to me the connection with recovered memories, I believe they are induced by the same technology as well . That would explain why "recovered memories " appear only in the 80 ties, together with MPD and DID , in the DSM criteria ……, the technology is developing slowly over time in silence on unaware people .
There were 200 reported cases of MPD from 1880 to 1979, and 20,000 from 1980 to 1990] Joan Acocella reports that 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995.
The DSM does not provide an estimate, and suggests different explanations for the sharp rise in incidence of DID

and that is why also people recover memories of "aliens" abducting them without "costumes" being involved. And why all recovered memories have so much similarities . Does this explanation sounds totally incredible to you? Or can you consider the possibility that it explains some things in all this .?
I know it sounds incredibly far fetched at the first glace , but still it is really true .
Its done by purpose to sound that way, to keep the secrecy of this experimentation, and it is happening on such a large scale that it is "visible" in worldwide statistics in numbers!
That is why in 2000 the peek of rapports of victims who became conscious of being targeted with remote mind control technology appears on every continent world wide, but this problem existed in much less victims before already, one of them is Harlan Gerard.
The technology is so extremely far developed that often not even the victim understands he is being remotely manipulated, the effects of the technology can be very subtle and appear as victims own emotions so it can be used without the victims knowledge, or by virtual reality seem simply like it "really happened" , what explains the "aliens" that are not costumes but visual effects and virtual reality bypassing the eyes, and other senses.

The victims of "remote mind control technology" describe very same symptoms as alien abductees ,
In Mind Games article in the Washington Post last year January , Susan Clancy mentions the similarities :
In her book, Abducted, Harvard psychologist Susan Clancy examines a group that has striking parallels to the TIs: people who believe they've been kidnapped by aliens. The similarities are often uncanny: Would-be abductees describe strange pains, and feelings of being watched or targeted. And although the alleged abductees don't generally have auditory hallucinations, they do sometimes believe that their thoughts are controlled by aliens, or that they've been implanted with advanced technology.(On the online forum, some TIs posted vociferous objections to the parallel, concerned that the public finds UFOs even weirder than mind control. "It will keep us all marginalized and discredited," one griped.) Clancy argues that the main reason people believe they've been abducted by aliens is that it provides them with a compelling narrative to explain their perception that strange things have happened to them, such as marks on their bodies, stimulation to their sexual organs (as the TIs describe) or feelings of paranoia

About Harlan Gerard who has contacted you yesterday
This part is about him, and about the "genital and sexual manipulation that many Ti's experience and that is also reported by alien abductees like you can read in Clancy her statement above.

(Also from "Mind games") :""Both male and female TIs report a variety of "attacks" to their sexual organs. "My testicles became so sore I could barely walk," Girard says of his early experiences. Others, however, report the attacks in the form of sexual stimulation, including one TI who claims he dropped out of the seminary after constant sexual stimulation by directed-energy weapons. Susan Sayler, a TI in San Diego, says many women among the TIs suffer from attacks to their sexual organs but are often embarrassed to talk about it with outsiders."It's sporadic, you just never know when it will happen," she says. "A lot of the women say it's as soon as you lay down in bed -- that's when you would get hit the worst. It happened to me as I was driving, at odd times." That made her think it was an electronic attack and not just in her head? "There was no sexual attraction to a man when it would happen. That's what was wrong. It did not feel like a muscle spasm or whatever," she says. "It's so . . . electronic."

I believe that only an investigation of the victims and their complaints on large scale can make visible what is really going on, this investigation can be only done by a team , taking time for this problem and being informed about the different aspects of it .
The fact that you investigate the cult abuse , made me hope you would take a closer look at this and maybe help us to get that investigation, or pass it to more people you know and who could help with that .

I hope to hear your reaction to the virtual reality scenario of the aliens ,
Below is still a few small parts about alien abductions , The last two of Harvard don't consider them being "real" but imagined, still the result are surprising. Just like in the recovered memory story of CIA brainwash victims many autoimmune disorders like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome occur.

Very nice greets meanwhile and thanks for taking a look at all this .
In a lengthy article, Martin Cannon makes the admittedly speculative argument that memories of alien abductions might in fact have been created in the "abductees" by a secret government mind control program, such as MKULTRA
Out of this group, another majority are experiencing massive trauma in conjunction with their abductions-- anything from being mind controlled with disaster images that are being forced into their minds by artificial means, seeing loved ones tortured if they do not cooperate, seeing what appears to be clones of themselves, forced to hold alien/hybrid children, themselves forced into submitting to painful experimentations, even being given a deadly disease for non cooperation. Many female abductees are reporting, autoimmune disorders like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as a sudden onset of female urinary tract infections and a host of female problems which eventually lead in some cases to hysterectomy.

If the creatures creating this type of misery for their captives were here on a peaceful mission to help humanity, why does this sort of abusive treatment happen with the same style of administration reminiscent of the Nazi German concentration camp doctors? I have come to believe something is more than amiss; something sinister is happening to the abduction populace without regard for the abductee. Why us and why now, someone might ask.
Abductees showed surprisingly strong physiological reactions to the tapes of their alien encounters. Their reactions were as great or greater than those of individuals who cannot shake memories of combat, sexual abuse, and other punishing events.
Victims wake up and find themselves paralyzed, unable to move or cry out for help. They see flashing lights and hear buzzing sounds. Electric sensations zing through their bodies, which may rise up in levitation. Aliens with wrap-around eyes, gray or green skin, lacking hair or noses, approach. The abductee's heart pounds violently. There's lots of probing in the alien ship. Instruments are inserted in their noses, navels, or other orifices. It's painful. Sometimes sexual intercourse occurs. Then it's over, after seconds or minutes. The intruders vanish. Victims are back in their own beds and can move again.
OR HUGE TRAUMA McNally, and their colleagues made some tantalizing discoveries. Measurements of sweating, heart rate, and brain waves showed that those claiming to be abductees show the same symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome as combat veterans. . Earlier this year, Clancy and McNally reported on another study that found those who recalled childhood sexual abuse or abduction by aliens experience higher rates of sleep paralysis than those who do not make such claims. Strikingly, the first group also scored high on underlying traits of fantasy proneness, paranormal interests and experiences, and inability to relate socially to others.

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