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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

If what you are talking about is different how does it work? 2008/8/11 Randy Noblitt

2008/8/11 Randy Noblitt 

Hi Monika, 

I mostly work with people who say that they were ritually abused and they are also dissociated. Some of them say that they think they are currently harassed by radio or similar technology, but some of them say there programmed to have this belief by their abuser group, whom they say used radio and radio-like devices during their abuse and programming. Some of them say that during their abuse and programming they were forced to watch virtual images while wearing headsets with goggles that projected these images. 

Is this the same thinkg you are talking about or is it different? 

If what you are talking about is different how does it work? 



from (van)Monika Stoces <>

aanRandy Noblitt <>

datum12 augustus 2008 03:54


Hello Randy ,

 I am happy that you recognize the pattern , yes i am talking about the same thing, at least i consider it as being caused by the same thing "Remote extremely advanced and top secret technology" , it is all in the similarities of "patterns" There is a very important "main" characteristic": "deception being used .in order to keep the secrecy and make the totality of all this go unnoticed.


I will to explain ,

You write "Some of them say that they think they are currently harassed by radio or similar technology" and yes that is what it first of all is about, This is "currently" going on in many people worldwide, most of them don't look for medical help , because  it sounds like "psychosis" , to be controlled remotely by "radio waves". This reaction does many victims not talk about it, and keeps the scale away from medical or any other statistics.


.In the large  group of mind control victims that I know, people dont "disociate" but still experience a very similar thing, There is huge debates going on about accusing  specific people, groups or organizations of being "the perpetrators" as a statement, is a wrong thing to do, and of course I do agree with that . Finally nobody of us does know for sure who does this. Meanwhile extremely efficient deception is used in order to make the victims draw "wrong" conclusions about  the situation Starting with accusations of "who is doing this to them" So many victims "anyway"  insist they know who does it, some accuse the neighbours,  the masons , the Krishna's , the CIA , the FBI , the governments,  the local police ect ect  The whole subject in Ti's of being "stalked"  by "organized" groups, is another part of this, in order to make victims accuse many (unaware)  people of "being involved"  This "illusion" is so convincing , that I know half of the victims will "blame" me reading this. This "organizes looking"  part is achieved by "remote" manipulation" of unaware people near to the victim, and the victims "perception" of them at the same time. in interaction. This manipulation explains friends and family "suddenly" behaving "hostile" without any reason towards the victim for instance.


You write further : "some of them say there programmed to have this belief by their abuser group, whom they say used radio and radio-like devices during their abuse and programming"   It is the same thing, only the victims draw different conclusions if i understand well, still they  seem to realize some kind of "deception" being played on them in this case This is similar to for instance "aliens" communicating by telepathy "ongoing" and "remotely",  but in the virtual reality scenario during "abductions" , using "portable" helmets and devices for this telepathy . This looks very much ass well  like the third explanation

you  mention : "Some of them say that during their abuse and programming they were forced to watch virtual images while wearing headsets with goggles that projected these images."  While the victim can get those virtual reality scenarios without any headsets needed "remotely" and "ongoing", he is made to believe headsets are needed!

The recognizable pattern here is the "mixing" of  extremely developed and remote technology with relatively  old-fashioned means used for the same thing,

Another resembling analogy is that this technology does not require any implants, while a lot of victims are made to believe they do have an implant! This is the case for Ti's with mind control, but also for alien abductees.

This mixing up of different kinds of similar things with the same "name"  is a fix pattern in the whole story including mixing the  present and past by "Tampering with memory ! : memories of CIA chemical brainwash experiments but inserted by "remote" brainwash methods, both things called "mind control" and getting mixed up by that .  Blurring the sharp picture in fact as "camouflage"  Many victims who "believe" their neighbours are doing it , are made to believe it is done with "portable devices" , That is why in Germany for instance , a large group of victims are convinced their neighbours have "rebuild" microwave ovens to irradiate them.  It needs no explanation to see how this sounds.


Also the subjects resemble and overlap: sex and breeding being one of them,

Ti's suffer from genital stimulation , being emotionally and sexually manipulated

Alien abductees are "shown children" and seem to have to "crossbreed with aliens. (below is a link with a table comparing detailed satanic cult abuse, and alien abductions for the "breeding subject" it's the same, Memories get recovered of "sexual abuse" in childhood. Often the stories refer to child traumas in general , or just trauma based mind control experimentation actually going on.


Harlan Gerard who contacted you and whom I mentioned in last mail, wrote in one text he for cahra (now called "mindjustice of Sheryl welsh ) : "Remote sexual manipulation and abuse with  pedophilia, homosexual and degrading themes are reported regularly."  He is investigating this problem already for 20 years , being a curious and motivated person and travels around the world to do so and to meet many victims. He told me "It is all about sex, right?" and I did agree on that .After he left Brussels last year after a one day visit , we both were "receiving" remotely the SAME strongly erotic pictures of each other both without any "normal" reason"  , what again confirms that it is worldwide one and the same thing going on ! He will be able to confirm that I suppose J


Also aliens manipulate people "remotely" in "real love life"

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships (2000),

The term was first coined the "alien love bite" by a small but growing number of aware abductees who began to realize that some of their love relationships were engineered by the aliens who abducted them."  "It became clear that the alien abductors be they Grey aliens, reptilians, human military or other unknown species, were heavily manipulating their "chosen ones" down to the very detail of their love and sex lives! Not only did these aliens set relationships up, but also they interfered in ways to break couples apart, friendships and even families. Subtle orchestrations, such as being immersed in virtual reality scenarios, or flooded with mental imagery while physically in bed, are reported"  In order to grasp the aliens' true motives, one must understand the basics of human mind control. The exploitation of humans via mind control can be achieved by: 1. Removing the individual from their normal environment of influence 2. Depriving them of sleep 3. Inflicting pain if they disagree, pleasure if they agree 4. changing their biochemistry 5. Trauma




Further there is the "department" paranormal religious and satanic themes, satanic ritual abuse as one of it ,  Here a (very interesting ) link were all this is once more  presented and compared with alien abductions 

Satanic Ritual Abuse & Alien Abduction : Similarities and Differences (again the breeding subject being similar ) The idea is put forth that those with alien abduction stories are/were really victims of a more "normal" type of abuse, and the alien abduction testimony is a sort of "screen memory actually placed by the perpetrators hypnotically to cover their actions.



Another example people  who "make love" with "invisible masters" and again "recover memories" of it!  Victims of Invisible Masters claim to have been sexually assaulted by a shadowy humanoid figure that was nearly always unseen by anyone else, leading a few writers on the subject to make comparisons with the Smurl haunting and the description of the attacks on Carla Moran that were portrayed in the movie, "The Entity". In general, however, the victim's descriptions of their experiences are nowhere near as violent as those two well-publicized hauntings, and are nearly always related from the re-discovery of repressed memories from the victims teenage years.


Or recovering memories of "Past Lives" another such thing ! The Complex Issues in Researching "False memory Syndrome" Remembering past lives is a relatively recent phenomenon. Except under hypnosis, prior to the late 1960's there were few reports of individuals remembering their own past lives (Lucas, 1996).



I tried as clear as possible to list the pattern without making it too long to run trough. My statement is WITHOUT MUCH DOUBT that this ALL is one and the same thing going on, and only visible ones "aware of those patterns" .

Please Randy , give me your opinion on this , and  be  honest, don't try to stay "polite" while you think "this lady must be totally nuts" J I really very much would like to  know your reaction to my statement "all of this being remotely induced", on such a large scale, and causing all of the things I mentioned , (there is more but that would too much at once, and this is the most typical things "touched") I am hopeful because of what you wrote me in your last mail, clearly you saw specific similarities , but I know how "incredible"  it sounds to explain all "recovered" memories for instance that way, still I think it fits all like that .


Hope to hear from you more on this

Very nice greetings, Monika

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